For centuries, wood has been used in the construction of doors and windows.

Since 1964, Martin has been refining both its designs and expertise, never compromising the durability and sturdiness of its products and the precision of their assembly process.

Naturally insulating, wood offers incredible mechanical, heating and soundproofing features, possessing a ratio of R=1 per inch of mass.

Applied in factory, our stain and exterior aluminium extrusion coats add a unique aesthetic touch to our new collection of wooden doors and windows.

These masterpieces

are distinguished by the following features:


Products are made from a stable, firm material that barely reacts to variations in temperature. Wood possesses an excellent weight/resistance ratio.


Our doors and windows go well with all architectural styles, from traditional to contemporary or heritage houses. Both warm and magnificent, wood brings a unique and authentic charm to your home. Enjoy elegance and sophistication each and every day.


Wood remains the only truly natural and renewable material. Using wood is a wise environmental choice, since it helps to reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere. Additionally, wood has the benefit of a carbon neutral footprint.


Regular exterior maintenance will ensure the longevity of your doors and windows.

The best quality



50 years of innovation and tradition

Since 1964, our professionals have offered meticulously designed products as well as a customer service based on the highest respect for our clientele. The expertise and experience of our technical and production staff mean that our products stand out from the competition by their refinement, their air and water tightness, their energetic and structural efficiency thus adding a sure value to your home.

Our passion: to design and manufacture masterpieces

Refinement, distinction, superior quality finish and design are the reflection of our continual pursuit for innovation and improvement

Our expertise: experience and knowhow

From design to finish product, the highest performance results are always an absolute requirement for us. Many of our products even surpass industry standards. This capacity for exceeding set standards is one of the pillars of our excellent reputation

Your well-being: our reward

Your well-being is the reward that allows us to continue our work. In order to delight you, our sales and customer service team guides you through the entire purchasing process



Your doors and windows should reflect the style and design you want for your home. Our professional dealers will be happy to be attentive to your needs and desires.

Their primary objective is to delight you.



Rigour in both design and manufacturing;
Superior quality assembly.

Today, this culture of rigour and superior quality remains at the heart of the professional team at Martin Windows and Doors. These values are equally reflected throughout the entire production process, from the initial product design to product assembly and completion.

This same passion fuels our sales and customer service team. Guiding you from the beginning, we are here to listen to your needs and expectations. Throughout the entire process, our specialized network of professional distributors will provide you with our experience and expertise. This network covers all of Eastern Canada, including Ontario, Quebec and the Atlantic provinces.


Our team of professionals of our after-sales service department and our technicians covering the territories of Ontario, Quebec and the Atlantic provinces work in a sustained and constant manner to offer you an outstanding service.

Exceptional value


A sure value, a wise investment.

  • Enhanced resale value: the owners enjoy greater resale value thanks to the unique appeal of the exclusive Martin’s windows and doors.
  • Energy savings: the high energetic performance of Martin’s products enables substantial annual savings that provides a great return on your investment.
  • Unparalleled durability: the distinctive choice of materials, manufacturing and assembly of Martin’s windows and doors provide unparalleled solidity and sturdiness.
  • A unique visual effect: it will be your pride; the design and finish harmonizing with your high-end furniture will be the envy of your friends.
  • Refinement: each Martin product exudes refinement and elegance that you are looking for, and that, in every detail.



Our customers are entitled to require the service to be rendered by respectful and competent people who have at heart to exceed their expectations.

  • A performant team: from the moment you choose Martin, our team accompanies you in every step leading to the realization of your dream.
  • Ravishment included: we will not be satisfied until you are delighted and this, at 100%!
  • Custom: even in the smallest details, our experts will make sure that the result will reflect in all respects your personal vision.
  • Service and tracking: from beginning to end and even after, we hope to receive your opinions and comments.

Long term peace of mind


The Martin team is committed to make your experience among the most enjoyable and to make sure your pleasure will continue throughout the coming years.

  • A respected warranty: Martin exclusive warranty protects your investment for many years.
  • Assembly method: our assembly method offers the highest standards of performance and durability for your windows and doors.
  • Continuous accessibility: for questions, comments, criticism or praise, please contact our distributors or contact us directly.

A partner for the environment


Reducing the environmental footprint is a core value of Martin. We know that our customers are also concerned about the impact their project has on their environment.

  • Renewable materials: wooden windows and doors are made from renewable materials.
  • Sustainable development: as a responsible company, Martin continues its commitment to sustainable development.
  • Energy savings: the energetic performance of Martin products contributes to the energy consumption reduction.
  • Local supply: Martin is proud to use primarily local products, manufactured in Canada.
  • Heritage protection: Martin is a supplier of windows and doors for heritage restoration of historic buildings.