A personalized touch
for added style and elegance

These fixed windows combine knowhow, performance and refinement. They blend perfectly with all our collections of PVC windows and steel doors.

Customize your space to your heart’s content by blending your home’s unique architecture with the perfect shape, be it an arch, semi-circle, ellipse, octagon, trapezoid, triangle, etc.

These windows can be built individually or in combination with other window types including casement, awning, hung and ancestral windows. Installed above door frames, transoms are also available.

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Architectural windows – PVC

  • 4 916 inches deep PVC frame.
  • Sash corners and frame heat welded with high quality equipment. Contemporary or stylized sash available.
  • FMA - PVC - Architecturale - Systeme chambres air multiplesOur multi-chamber window design is one of the most energy efficient on the market, increasing rigidity and providing superior insulation and sound proofing.
  • Modular design windows for greater strength and stability that make the installation easier.
  • Our standard: double glazing at 78 inch (22 mm) thick with Low-E window film, argon gas and a high performance warm edge spacer.
  • Optional: triple glazing at 1 38 inches (35 mm) thick with the same characteristics as previously mentioned for the double glazing.
  • FMA - PVC - Triple coupe-froidTriple weather stripping system providing exceptional protection against air and water infiltration.
  • Steel reinforcements installed in frames and shutters allow for the largest possible window dimensions.


To add a personal touch…

Exterior finishing moldings

PVC exterior finishing moldings

Refinement for your PVC windows


pvc_molding_5900-2032 pvc_molding_5901-2053 pvc_molding_5902-2063 pvc_molding_5907
Molding #5900 (2032) Molding #5901 (2053) Molding #5902 (2063) Molding #5907
pvc_molding_5911 pvc_molding_5916 pvc_molding_5903-2033
Molding #5911 Molding #5916 Molding #5903 (2033)

Interior finishing moldings (optional)

PVC colonial interior moldings

Simulated Divided Lites (SDL) and grilles

Simulated Divided Lites (SDL) and grilles

Simulated Divided Lites (SDL)

For a distinctive style and a special design, add PVC SDL on both sides of your sealed units (with or without spacer).


1 1/2 and 3/4 inches PVC made

Barrotins PVC



Personalize your windows with a variety of models and colours of grilles inside the sealed glass unit.

Tubular:   White, Brass, Pewter, Grey, Black
Georgian: 5/8 inch White, Ivory, Brown, Sand, Pewter, Brass
  1 inch White
Rectangular: 1 inch White
  5/8 inch White, Ivory, Brown, Pewter




Barrotins et carrelages

Architectural shapes

A few examples

For rigidity and safety reasons, all shapes and/or dimensions must first be approved by our technical department.


Colour, always fashionable…

As an option, our PVC windows are painted at our factory by a sophisticated and proven process. We apply two generous coats of high quality acrylic polyurethane paint offering unmatched resistance and luster.

At our factory, our colorists can do for you the colour of your choice, leaving free rein to your imagination.

Suggested colours:

Take note that the colours above may vary slightly from a display device to another. Consult one of our distributors to have a more accurate sampling of colours.

Energy efficient glass

Combining an innovative glass unit
and an ultra-efficient spacer

To reduce energy consumption, Martin uses as standard energy efficient Low-E glass (4.2) with Argon gas combined to an air-tight spacer. Many of our products are ENERGY STAR® approved.

The best performance for energy efficiency


  • Reduces heat loss in winter
  • Keeps the interior cooler in the summer
  • Reduces heating and air conditioning costs between 5% and 15%
  • Prevents textile surfaces discoloration
  • Helps to keep a balanced humidity level in the house
  • Reduces condensation risks on the glass surface


The Sungate® 400 Low-E and argon energy efficient glass unit increases your comfort in many ways. This superior quality glass keeps you warm during winter’s cold nights and cool during the hot summer days. While allowing in the benefits of natural light, it also ensures a high level of energy efficiency.


The best warm edge spacer in the world:
Swisspacer Ultimate
It has the best thermal value in the world with a 20% reduction in thermal conductivity compared to the best product currently available on the market.

Energetic and structural performance

Energy Star® and NAFS standards

When evaluating energy performance ratings for your doors and windows, in addition to adhering to Energy Star®’s standards, it is important to refer to the harmonized standard set by the North American Fenestration Standard (NAFS). The NAFS specification is more commonly known under the name of “structural performance tests.”

As well as evaluating air and water tightness, the NAFS standard evaluates a door or window’s resistance to natural elements such as strong winds.

In Canada, the standard’s minimum requirements are determined according to your region and its weather conditions.

Prior to purchase, it is important to confirm the minimum required Performance Grade (PG) for your region and the surroundings of your home (location, product height, type of land, etc.).

Easily get your minimum PG with the Fenestration Canada’s performance calculator.

Here below, our energetic and structural performance results:



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