Balcony Door

Charm and elegance

The charm and elegance of the past without compromising comfort and security. In harmony with our ancestral windows, they offer the same features as other Martin doors.


The balcony doors open inwards only.

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Balcony doors – Wood

  • Solid 6 58 inches finger-jointed pine frame assembled with screws.
  • 1 116 inches thick frame reinforced by a doorstop.
  • Compression weatherstripping system (tan colored) providing superior sealing.
  • 2 14 inches thick laminated solid ponderosa pine door panel with protective sealant.
  • Door panel assembled and strengthened with 58 x 4 inches dowels.
  • Our standard: tempered double glazing at 1 inch (25 mm) thick with Low-E window film, argon gas and a high performance warm edge spacer.
  • Optional: tempered triple glazing at 1 ¼ inches (32 mm) thick with the same characteristics as previously mentioned for the tempered double glazing.
  • A strong astragal of outstanding design.
  • High-performance champagne-colored doorsill with PVC thermal break.
  • Superior quality sturdy ancestral style hardware.
  • Standard color: black (optional colours available).

What is Ponderosa Pine?

Ponderosa pine also known as “Western Yellow Pine”, is the largest of the western pine species which grows in the southern interior of British Columbia. Having a straight trunk and usually growing up to 25 to 30 metres tall with a diameter of 2 metres, it is a large-crowned tree.

The wood is generally straight-grained and uniform in texture. Common uses of ponderosa pine include; furniture; window and door sashes, mouldings, and frames; panelling and shelving.

Wood comparisons:

Wood species Air dried (20% moisture) – Density
Ponderosa Pine 449 kg/m³
Northern White Pine 400 kg/m³
Douglas Fir 481 kg/m³


*Sources :,


To add a personal touch…

Exterior finishing moldings

Exterior finishing moldings

Refinement for your wooden doors

An option that can be matched with the exterior finish trim of your Martin windows.


• Wood moldings
• Extruded aluminum moldings


Wood moldings:

• 1 9/16 X 7/8 inches pine exterior finishing moldings with a false shelf of 11/16”
• 3 1/2 X 1 1/8 inches pine exterior finishing moldings

Extruded aluminum moldings:

• Exterior finishing moldings 1 3/X 7/8 inches with 1.27 mm thick extruded aluminum
• Exterior finishing molding 3 1/2 X 1 1/16 inches with 1.27 mm thick extruded aluminum


Distinctive glass choices

Let the light inspire you

Martin Windows and Doors offer a wide variety of glasses and distinctive stained glasses that can both bring elegance to your door and create an atmosphere in your home.

Stained glass

Choose a door with stained glass and add a little touch of fantasy with a private, semi-private or clear finish.*



This new molding process produces designs with complex, pure lines and allows for the reproduction of different glass textures.*



This family of products is characterized by a process that applies ink to the glass surface, giving it a decorative appearance while maintaining your privacy.*


Textured or V-grooved

Our grooving process uses an engraving technique on sandblasted or glue chip tempered glass, allowing in light while maintaining your privacy.*


* Many possible configurations. Seek advice from our distributors in order to see the range of possibilities offered to you.

Simulated Divided Lites (SDL) and grilles

Simulated Divided Lites (SDL) and grilles


For a distinctive style and a special design, add wood or aluminum SDL on both sides of your sealed units (with or without spacer).


7/8 and 1 9/16 inches natural wood
7/8 and 1 9/16 inches extruded aluminum




Personalize your windows and doors with a variety of models and colours of grilles inside the sealed glass.



Styles of SDL and grilles

Some examples

Barrotins et carrelages

Decorative raised panels

Decorative raised panels

A distinctive signature

The raised panels on our wooden doors give your home a refined appearance.

Thanks to cutting-edge digital manufacturing, our raised panels are assembled using a technique that allows wood to expand and contract.

Our raised panels are created with an incomparable precision and finish; both our natural wooden doors and those with exterior aluminium extrusions possess equally intricate designs.

Raised panels are standardly offered on both sides of our doors.

Stained natural wood raised panels
Raised panels with painted aluminum
exterior cladding extrusion
(Illustrated colour: Coppertone)



Double screen door

Aluminum double screen door

Ventilation, quality and comfort

The MSA-1 Confor-Plus double door is delivered with all the hardware needed. It has reinforced aluminum corners, triple-pivot hinges and an extruded aluminum frame (2 x 7/8 inches).


Baked enamel paint (Standard colour: White. Optional: doors painted in colours that match your wooden door’s aluminium extrusion and frame cladding)
Horizontal and vertical extensions
3 sides adjustment system
Pneumatic door closer, adjustable on active door
Lockable handle on the inside of the active door
Extruded aluminium astragal, with detachable locks and PVC astragal cover
Fiberglass mesh
Framing and extensions with synthetic fibre insect shield on the entire contour


Decorative plate
 Decorative corners (Decora)
1 1/2 inches central division bar
7 inches aluminum kick panel


Hardware and colours

Centred, easy to use cremone bolts


Superior quality and highly-effective Ancestral style hardware.


Superior quality Contemporary style hardware with a European flare.



(Ancestral style hardware: standard)
(Contemporary style hardware: optional)

Polished brass (optional)

Antique brass (optional)

Antique nickel (optional)

Satin nickel (optional)

Oil Rubbed Bronze (optional)

Door sill

A unique design on the market

With its double water evacuation system and reinforced PVC insulating section, this door’s performance remains unmatched in the industry.

This sturdy, watertight sill is cladded with champagne coloured anodized extruded aluminium, sure to blend with all our paint and cladding colours.

Assured peace of mind since this sill can withstand strong winds going up to 260 Kilopascals (kPa).

Anodized steel door sills


Dark Bronze

Aluminum cladding and colour choices

Aluminum extrusions:
durability and easy maintenance

  • Combine the solidity of exterior cladding to the nobility of wood on the inside
  • The thickness of our extrusions is considerably superior to the sheeted aluminum offered on the market
  • Easy maintenance and corrosion resistant
  • Recyclable: an asset for the environment

Unlimited choice of colours

Our extrusions are painted with 3 coats of top quality acrylic polyurethane paint. They are then oven baked to ensure a perfect finish quality that is more resistant.

Standard colours

Optional colours

Here is a small sample of optional colours:

Our colorists can also develop for you the colour of your choice from the name and the colour code of a known paint manufacturer or from a colour sample. This gives you the freedom to give free rein to your imagination.

Take note that the colours above may vary slightly from a display device to another. Consult one of our distributors to have a more accurate sampling of our colours.


Finish equal to high end furniture

Enhances and protects the wood’s beauty

Wood is a natural, warm and versatile material. Careful protection by a quality stain enhances its resistance and durability.

Unequaled protection against bad weather and UV rays

Our stain acts like a shield. The stain’s natural oils and resins seep into the wood’s cellular structure to form a durable protective barrier.

Water-based stain: one more step for protecting the environment

With the introduction of water-based stain products, Martin is a forerunner that constantly continues its efforts to support sustainable development.


A touch of unequaled refinement

Our colour chart offers 30 lovely colours that enhance the wood’s natural richness. Factory applied, our stain is protected by two coats of varnish giving it a satin sheen.

Take note that the colours above may vary slightly from a display device to another. Consult one of our distributors to have a more accurate sampling of our colours.

Energy efficient glass

Combining an innovative glass unit
and an ultra-efficient spacer

To reduce energy consumption, Martin uses as standard energy efficient Low-E glass (4.2) with Argon gas combined to an air-tight spacer. Many of our products are ENERGY STAR® approved.

The best performance for energy efficiency


  • Reduces heat loss in winter
  • Keeps the interior cooler in the summer
  • Reduces heating and air conditioning costs between 5% and 15%
  • Prevents textile surfaces discoloration
  • Helps to keep a balanced humidity level in the house
  • Reduces condensation risks on the glass surface


The Sungate® 400 Low-E and argon energy efficient glass unit increases your comfort in many ways. This superior quality glass keeps you warm during winter’s cold nights and cool during the hot summer days. While allowing in the benefits of natural light, it also ensures a high level of energy efficiency.


The best warm edge spacer in the world:
Swisspacer Ultimate
It has the best thermal value in the world with a 20% reduction in thermal conductivity compared to the best product currently available on the market.

Energetic and structural performance

Energy Star® and NAFS standards

When evaluating energy performance ratings for your doors and windows, in addition to adhering to Energy Star’s standards, it is important to refer to the harmonized standard set by the North American Fenestration Standard (NAFS). The NAFS specification is more commonly known under the name of “structural performance tests.”

As well as evaluating air and water tightness, the NAFS standard evaluates a door or window’s resistance to natural elements such as strong winds.

In Canada, the standard’s minimum requirements are determined according to your region and its weather conditions.

Prior to purchase, it is important to confirm the minimum required Performance Grade (PG) for your region and the surroundings of your home (location, product height, type of land, etc.).

Easily get your minimum PG with the Fenestration Canada’s performance calculator.

Here below, our energetic and structural performance results: