For centuries, wood has been used in the construction of doors and windows.

Since 1964, Martin has been refining both its designs and expertise, never compromising the durability and sturdiness of its products and the precision of their assembly process.

Naturally insulating, wood offers incredible mechanical, heating and soundproofing features, possessing a ratio of R=1 per inch of mass.

Applied in factory, our stain and exterior aluminium extrusion coats add a unique aesthetic touch to our new collection of wooden doors and windows.

These masterpieces

are distinguished by the following features:


Products are made from a stable, firm material that barely reacts to variations in temperature. Wood possesses an excellent weight/resistance ratio.


Our doors and windows go well with all architectural styles, from traditional to contemporary or heritage houses. Both warm and magnificent, wood brings a unique and authentic charm to your home. Enjoy elegance and sophistication each and every day.


Wood remains the only truly natural and renewable material. Using wood is a wise environmental choice, since it helps to reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere. Additionally, wood has the benefit of a carbon neutral footprint.


Regular exterior maintenance will ensure the longevity of your doors and windows.

The best quality